Chloe Chemtob


“Technology is always evolving and so is the competitive landscape. A good partner is one that helps its companies navigate these two dynamics.”


Chloe was True Wind’s very first analyst, and after completing the two year program, was promoted to Associate. Chloe’s primary responsibilities include researching sectors, connecting with prospective partner firms, executing upon due diligence, and supporting strategic work with current companies, such as VikingCloud and Merative. A hands-on professional, she also has experience providing essential billing reconciliation work for a partner post acquisition.


Chloe earned her B.S. in Human Biology and M.S. Management Science and Engineering from Stanford.

Personal Life

Formerly ranked the number one junior squash player in the U.S, Chloe stays active in her personal life by hiking, mountain biking, or playing squash. In her free time she also enjoys exploring the Bay Area food scene.